"Failed to load window layout" 2020.1.6f

I recently came back to Unity after a bit of absence. When I tried starting
Unity 2020.1.5f (64-bit) and opening a project a window like this popped up: 168269-unity-layout-error.png
After uninstalling 2020.1.5f I tried installing 2020.1.6f, I still have the same problem.

Fixes I’ve tried:

  • Making a brand new project after opening Unity.
  • Making a brand new project from Hub and trying to open it in Unity
  • As mentioned, reinstalling Unity and updating in the process
  • Trying to open the Editor from a different Windows user account
  • Choosing “Load Default Layout” and “Revert Factory Settings” at the attached window.

Further details:

  • I’m using Unity Personal
  • I’m using Windows 10 2004 x64
  • Unity 2020.1.5f used to work fine before I had a break from Unity
    I made the different Unity versions bold to avoid confusion coming from their similarities in naming.
    Disclaimer: I’m really new to Unity and English isn’t my native language, so if I didn’t provide sufficent information, please ask me for details.

did you try this:

For those not wanting to follow the link from Happy-Zomby: You need to delete [UserFolder]/AppData/Roaming/Unity/Editor-5.x/Preferences/Layouts/Default/LastLayout.dwlt AND YourProjectFolder/Library/*