"Failed to load window layout" Error


I upgraded my project from 2019.3.0a3 to 2019.3.0b4 and im getting this error.


None of the buttons work properly else quit button.

I deleted layout data from %AppData%, reinstalled version, reinstalled Unity and hub. Actually I even cleaned all traces of any Unity or Hub installation (including Registry, ProgramData, AppData, Local and Program Files) and deleted all temporary information from my project files. Still didn’t work.

Im creating a new project: Same Issue.
Restarting PC:Same Issue.
Switching to another project: Same issue.
Downgrading a kind of empty project to 2019.3.0a3: No Problem.
Downgrading my normal projects to 2019.3.0a3: No visible window and “Not responding” in task manager even after waiting almost 12 hours.

I tried to upgrade to Unity 2020 Alpha. Still same issue.

What should i do?

Edit: I alredy tried this “Don’t close message and switch to another project” method but i got the same issue again with the other project too.

Edit 2: After a clean Windows installation, still same issue.


I just had the same issue on a new Unity Project, on a fresh Unity 2020.1.4f1 install, on a fresh Windows install. I fixed it by

  • going to AppData/Roaming/Unity/Editor-5.x/Preferences/Layouts.default
  • opening Default.WLT file in Notepad
  • copying the Default.WLT file content
  • going to MyProject/Library
  • opening CurrentLayout-default.DWLT file in Notepad
  • pasting the copied text and saving the file

I don’t know why it worked though, just sharing what I discovered after a day-long research.

(Originally posted here : http://answers.unity.com/answers/1772397/view.html)

Can you add a picture of your project’s folder (with hidden files visible) ?

Here is the issue tracker link and a temporary solution

It’s a temporary solution, but it work, what I’m doing is having the file somewhere and replace it every time before opening the project.

problem fixed here : Failed to load window layout in Unity - YouTube

“Failed to load window layout” Error
solution 2022.3.6 and above

  • close the unityhub first

solution +A

  1. in directory %AppData%

delete all roaming/unity and roaming/unityhub directories

  1. in unityhub locate your unity.exe path manually

  1. delete your library directory in project

load your project backup in unity again


solution +B

  1. uninstall unity and unityhub

  1. in directory %AppData%

delete all roaming/unity and roaming/unityhub directories

  1. in programfilesx86 and programfiles

delete all unity and unityhub directories

install unityhub
install unity

in your project, delete your library directory

load your project again