Failed to load window layout - from Win7 to Mac

“This can happen if layout contains custom windows and there are compile errors in the project.”

Getting this error when importing a project from Windows 7 to Mac. I just copied the project folder and tried to open it on the Mac, but I get the error. How to solve this?

  1. Press [Load Default Layout]
  2. Unity copies the correct default layout to CurrentLayout-default.dwlt
  3. Unity complains that it still cannot load the layout

3a. Press Load Default Layout. < this fixes the file
4. Copy the now correct CurrentLayout-default.dwlt somewhere < copy it from the project that’s not working. location =>“ProjectName”\Library\CurrentLayout-default.dwlt
5. Press Quit
6. Unity corrupts the file during quitting
7. Copy back the correct CurrentLayout-default.dwlt

This fixed my issue. If it didn’t fix try replacing CurrentLayout-default.dwlt with one of your old project files or try using a LTS version of unity.

problem fix here : Failed to load window layout in Unity - YouTube