"Failed to present D3D11 swapchain due to device reset/removed (...)"

Sorry if already exist a topic about this, but I can’t found. So, I’m working in a script to my visual novel, when Visual Studios crash, follow by Unity crash too. Then now, when I try to open the project again this message show and Unity close:


Any ideias waht happen and what I can do to recover the files? It’s possible I import the scripts to a new project?

This happens sometimes because there is some issue with your GPU drivers. Try updating them or removing and reinstalling them. It looks a bit like there might be an issue with yours if it’s happening when you try and start Unity.

It is likely that you are crashing or infinite-looping the GPU. Could be an infinite loop in a shader, for example.
I would recommend you to restore any latest changes to your project that you did last time, then re-introduce them step by step to see what exactly is causing the problem.
This is one of the cases where you learn the value of version control :slight_smile: