Failed to Update Unity Web Player

"A newer version of Unity Web Player is required, but the auto-update failed.

Invalid auto-update file (no revision info found). Please Install Manually."

I installed manually, I uninstalled, rebooted then reinstalled, and still get the same message in IE9. It used to work, I think prior to installing 3.4.1.

I’d really appreciate some help withthis one.

Edit: Seems to work with new code built in 3.4.1, but anything of mine built in 3.3 doesn’t work.

The webplayer has reached out to Unity servers to see if there is a newer plugin available. The file that was fetched was unexpectedly empty, so the webplayer doesn’t know if it is the latest or not. The suggestion to install manually is really just the plugin making a suggestion when it does not know what else might work. I wonder if the update file that was fetched was corrupted in some way. Clearing your browser cache and restarting might help.

nope works on Firefox 2 but i dditn get pls install manualyl i was loading a unity game and it did this on both the original and another site when i press the error details it says it needs unity we player (mono) help pls i dun like google chrome D:

I cant play any games with unity it just says Failed To Update Unity