Failed to work with RPC when camera on server not see the client

I have tested the network mode of unity and I have a problem. When the game start the camera look for the player in question, if I’m the player 3 the camera looks at me, but on the server it looks to the player 1. I programmed to pick up objects on the floor and throw, everything works great, less when the camera of the server does not see the client in his field of vision, objects are simply not throw, but if I’m close to the player 1 and the camera of the server can see me, the client throw the object perfect. What can it be?

sounds like when the camera of the server dont see the object, not send update of position…

I also have the same problem. After several hours of thinking. I discovered there is one reason for creating errors. That is the position you pass away depending on animation. animation runs only in camera, when it does not work out.