Fake developer console

I’m developing a game where I want player to press a key (for example I).
On the key press event a fake developer console has to come out, I want player to type something (and so storing what he writes on a variable too), check if he typed what I wanted and do all my stuff…
I have no idea where to start with developing this console, I probably need to create some gui on key press and somehow proxy the Input class…
Any help would be useful, thanks in regards.

Start with the GUI scripting guide.

  1. Press I to get GUI.BOX to appear

  2. Add below it a field that accepts text(field)

  3. Display text in GUI.BOX (if you don’t intend to do that, you don’t even need #1 really)

  4. when player types something into it and presses enter, check that

There are numerous references on all of this, if you have something besides a design idea (actual code), post it