Fall detection

How do i check if my character is not on the floor, if he’s falling.
What i acually want to make is when i’m falling, i turn into a ragdoll, but it doesen’t matter i can make that work, but i want to detect falling so i can make it, anyone knows a solution ?

You could just use a simple raycast to check whether the player is grounded or not.

You could use a combination of ray cast, and use ‘time’ when there is no detection (also in case if the character can jump it won’t conflict) so you relatively know how long the character is falling. so like time between 1 and 3 second no damage (character is probably jumping) 4 to 6 seconds (maybe medium damage) then 6 or higher turn into rag doll or something along these lines. Another option is maybe a velocity limit if the character goes above a certain velocity turn it into a rag doll.