Fall down a line in Unity 4.6 text via script

Hello ,
Is there anyway to make the text go one line down in Unity 4.6’s text component? using
didn’t work.

I have also faced same problem regarding newline character(
) but I have solved it. Instead of double quotes, pass
in single quote like ’

I’m not currently using 4.6 so I’ve never tried this, but…

According to the docs, the Text object has a “supportRichText” boolean property. If you set that to true, I’d expect some form of a new line escape sequence to be supported. So, either backslash-n, or backslash-r backslash-n, or even Environment.NewLine


OK, I really think you’d be better having those items just as boolean values in your scriptable objects.

This will allow you to compare if that task or item increases a certain skill. It’ll also allow you to run through the list of all items and compare that to the current item. If the item is wood, as in your example, then when it gets to Crafting it finds that it equals true, then it instantiates a prefab text with Text.text = " - " + SkillName.ToString();

Ha - just got a text updating this as I add it!

If you have lots of skill type values then bool may not be viable but what’s the maximum number of skill tags any one item cna have?
You could have an Enum for you skill sets and then have say 5 slots available to add up to 5 skill type to each scriptable object.