Falling speed SUPER slow? (not scale issue [at least i don't think])

so i created a basic sphere over a big, thin cube. the cube is Z=25 x=25 and y= .3. The sphere has a radius of .5. when i hit play, it literaly falls at about .00001 whatever units per second. can anyone help me out? thanks!

What you want is called "exatrapolation of reality".

You want to extrapolate the reality to create a more “feeling realistic” simulation.

Like when we boost a car speed more than the reality to make it feels more realistic.

Just up the gravity in the Physics menu.

But, don't forget that the Unity Physics don't calculate the air friction, it's simulate the physics on vacum, so, the mass is used just to determine what to do when there is a collision between rigidbodies.

If you need to increase the air friction, use the Drag variable, it's simulate a air friction. It's not realistic at all, but can help to solve some problems.

Try to scale your objects up, or add a Rigidbody to your Sphere and define Mass.


Also, look at the drag settings of your sphere rigidbody, set it to 0 for a start. This can be affecting the falling speed greatly.



I have same problem on car racing game. And I did change the gravity to -98.1. Car have mass 2000. The falling and collisions looks very close to reality.

Go to your Physics settings and turn up your gravity. Try about four times -9.81 to start with. As well you can adjust the mass of the rigibody. Look at it as a real situation and apply the amount of mass you think the object would have..feather, stone, wood.