Falling Through My Elevator..

Hey guys im designing a Lvl and i have an elevator,but the thing is everytime i get in my elevator and it goes up i fall down.My elevator is animated it doesnt have code or anything and it has Colliders.

If anyone can help me that would be Super!

for now i'll work on something else lol untill then thanks in advance.

(edit: assuming the elevator's colliders are set up correctly) One possible solution would be to raycast from character's head down to elevator floor and place the character at hit.point (offset y as needed to make sure you're not placing character halfway through the floor).

put a character motor and character controller on your main character- it has built in stuff for staying on platforms.

Guys Thank you so much for your help and TY Fishman92 it worked great now i can keep going !!

For those of you who have this same problem, this is what you do..

1- Create a brand new project and tell unity you want the files that come with Unity like the character controller and standard assets and all that good stuff..

2 - Once you have the new project open and ready to go.Under the project panel in unity you will find a search bar just type in "Character Motor" with out the "" lol.

3- Click on it and it should be a script a really long and painfull script to look at that i hope i understand some day, anyway copy it and open your project were you need it.

4 - Now make a brand new script and paste it all on there save it and attach it to your character or FPS controller and there you go..

Note: If theres an easier way of doing this im sorry im just telling you guys how i did it =) well Thanks to you guys that helped me and GL.