fantasy village asset pack wip

Hi all. Long time ago I have made a stylized village environment but only recently I decided to add the assets into unity and add more stuff to it. Below you can see small video preview of the scene. I will be updating this thread as soon as I get new stuff added =)


some progress shots


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Awesome. Those trees look so nice, I just want to eat them up.

I really like the range and contrast of the colors. Very pleasing. However, the green roof does kind of catch my eye. Seems a little off, but maybe that is just a matter of taste. It’s just kind of similar to the tree color, so it’s a little confusing, I guess.

You got more coming? Castles? Farm critters?

I like the look of this, any idea if and when it will be available on the Asset Store?


It will be available but I am not sure when as I am working only in my free time. Also I am not sure how much assets there will be but I ll try to make as many as possible.

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  • the houses are now using one atlas texture (4096x2048)
  • The standard shader was modified to support cutout, bamp, specular, emissive and colour mask. The mask is separate RGBA texture. With this mask it is possible to change colurs of the texture elements such as house roof, flags...

shader preview:

  • I have also started on adding modular pieces to the set so it will be possible to make your very own houses with unique forms. A lot more staff will be added, like windows,doors...
  • added some small assets:
  • added barracks building. Also the barracks wall will be modified for modularity later:

  • modular wooden bridge:


This looks really nice, love the style and I like the fact it's going to have modular components as well as prebuilt ones, and the fact you've made it easy to add colour variations.

Very much looking forward to getting my hands on it when it's released :)

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Working on the modular parts so far. There are about 60 pieces right now and will be more. Also I made a small video to demonstrate what can be achieved with just few parts:



Finally all modular pieces are done and made as prefabs.

nature prefabs> 52
regular unique prefabs> 52
modular prefabs> 122
constructed prefabs from modular parts> 4 (will be more)

of course many of them are kinda quite similar like flowers with different color but there are still quite many different shapes =)

also I am planning to make market models quite soon.

Here is an example of another castle which is built in unity using these modular prefabs. The castle will be also available with the pack.

Looks like gifs are not working for some reason. Here is the link to see flags animation:

The castle is using only one material for everything except the flags. They are using vertex animated material made in shader forge 1.38. I am not sure if it will be working for those who has no shader forge. I should probably make a test on another machine but if you know anything about it, please let me know.

some more constructed houses from modular prefabs:



I have also started making a trailer scene to showcase what is possible with this set.


I really can't wait for this to be released! :)

Do you have any estimated timescale yet?

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Thanks for being interested =)

I cant really say exact date as I am working full time on another project and I have a small baby now hehe, but I really hope to release it before summer. Anyway stay tuned for more info!

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@epicforge3d Thanks for the update, and congratulations on the family addition :)

A summer release would be great and would be good timing for the game I'm currently developing, which I think your asset is going to be an excellent fit for.

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Finally got the trailer

there are lods for trees but the rest of the assets still require lods.

things to do:

  • lods
  • record modular assets construction demonstration
  • record introduction video with commentary
  • cleanup, test on different devices including phone and publish

One thing is bothering me though. I can make lods for unique assets and for some modular parts but ideally you would like to get lods for the constructed modular assets as well.

I hope to publish it in two weeks


This pack deserves to be finished :slight_smile:
Would love to make a game with graphics like this.

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Counting the days to release :slight_smile:

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While doing lods which is kinda boring, I decided to make few quick construction gifs:

PS. I imaginbe you could probably make a game where player will be just building these houses in game hehe. Sort of a minecraft =)

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Wow these are great quality, Awesome job!

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Almost done. I need to edit the intro video and then I can send it for approval=)

Also tested it with different unity versions and it should work from 2018.2 and higher

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After long submitting process finally my asset pack is here!


Awesome pack and a great price, purchased!

Rating to follow (but it's unlikely to be anything other than 5 stars!)

Do you have any plans in the pipework for more assets? Maybe some top down interior stuff?

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