Farming game Need Help with planting and picking

I want to make a prefab be placed wherever I look and then it grows(Ive made it grow) and once it finishes growing it is removed and gives you a higher score, My script for the grow is
`using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Size_Changer : MonoBehaviour
public Vector3 maxLocalScale;
float maxlocalScaleMagnitude;

void Start()

    maxLocalScale = new Vector3(0.5F, 1, 0.5F);
    maxlocalScaleMagnitude = maxLocalScale.magnitude;

void LateUpdate()

    float actualLocalScaleMagnitude = transform.localScale.magnitude;
    if (actualLocalScaleMagnitude < maxlocalScaleMagnitude)

        transform.localScale += new Vector3(0.0005F, 0.001F, 0.0005F);

I am also using a fps controller and I want it to place in the center.

For the first part, you need to have a script that will make the prefab be a child of your player object. This prefab can also be made to be child of desired location, another gameObject. You can do this easily by using the following script:

    // Make object1 child of object2
    object1.transform.parent = object2.transform;

You can add a script to destroy that game object once it reaches maximum size then increment a global
points variable

    // Check if max size
    bool sizeCheck = maxlocalScaleMagnitude < actualLocalScaleMagnitude;

    // Destroy if max size
    if (sizeCheck)
        globalPoints += 5;   // add points to a global Point variable, preferably on your Game Manager
        Destroy(gameObject, 0.1f);  // script to destroy current game object