Fast kinematic rigidbody not colliding with trigger collider

Hello, currently I am working on a ball bounce game in which the ball is a kinematic rigidbody with spherecollider, I am moving the ball by updating its transform position every fixed update, I want it to collide correctly with the static environment geometry which can be static box collider or static meshcollider which have their isTrigger property set to true, when the ball is too fast the system fails to call OnTriggerEnter for ball collision with trigger colliders, setting collision detection mode of the rigidbody attached to the ball to continuous or continuous dynamic doesnt resolve the issue. The problem is that when the ball is fast it doesnt register collision , when its slower OnTriggerEnter is called, making the behaviour inconsistent.

According to the collision grid given in : Unity - Manual: Mesh Collider component reference
Trigger messages must be sent when a kinematic rigidbody collider collides with a static rigidbody collider. The behaviour for fast moving kinematic rigidbodies seems undocumented though.

If your ball is so fast that the colliders never encounter each other due to the change in position in between frames, it may be the cause of your problem.

You may (or not) consider this question: at this speed, is it really playable?

If you think so, you could consider helping the physics engine in thoose situations by launching a ray in the direction of the speeding ball to find if there is something on its course.