Fast Movement


I want to make it look like everything is moving extremely fast, kind of like in the game BARRIER X.

I’ve applied a high FOV, and made my character move genuinely fast, but I feel like there are other things I’m missing.

This is not really a suitable question for Unity Answers, since there is no answer as such, and you also haven’t posted a screenshot or video as to what your scene currently looks like so it’s hard for us to suggest improvements anyway.
The obvious thing you’re lacking is motion blur, but after that it’s really hard to say…

If you look at the trailer for Barrier X, you may notice that on the bottom of the screen there is fast, small particles that move. These particles make the users brain assume that these particles are the ground, and since these small particles are moving very fast, the brain assumes that your moving fast. You may also notice that the horizon line shifts fast, which increases the perception that you are moving fast. Also, as the above user stated, it would help if you would post screenshots/videos of your game so we can point out what it may be lacking in order to assist you with creating a better scene. Screenshots can be posted in and videos at and then linked on to here.