Fastest Shader for iPhone

Hello, well first post... hope all is fine.... So what is the fastest Shader for iPhone and what is the fastest Particle Shader ? many thanxxx


Well i mean the Standart Shaders that ship with Unity iPhone ! Can't find something about Performance.... Like why is Lightmap Only Shader slow and Diffuse Fast much Faster ??? What is the best transparent Shader to use wit Ambient Light or Sun Light ? thanxxx

Shader "Fastest Shader" { SubShader{ Pass{} } }

This question doesn't mean anything. The fastest shader is probably the one above, that renders black. (On other platforms, it might be a shader that renders absolutely nothing, but I'm not sure this is true on iPhone, due to oddities of the tile-based deferred rendering system.) You need to figure out what you need something to look like, and choose a shader based on that. You can always add bells and whistles if your framerate is high enough, but you need to nail down what is most important first. For instance, just a plain texture is frequently all I need. Here's the fastest general-purpose shader that does that.