Fastest solution for capturing screens on iphone

Is Application.CaptureScreenshot(“Screenshot.png”); The only method to get a screenshot?

I’m trying to captureScreenshot on the iphone 4s and only getting about 3 frames per second. Is there any way to speed this up?

Someone said the main problem is the reading and writing to the disk. Is there any way to save the reading and writing till the end, or use a format that is smaller than png to have less data to read/write?

Is Application.CaptureScreenshot(“Screenshot.png”); The fastest method to get a screenshot?


how about this:

install FRAPS (windows, dont know if there is an Apple version, but similar video-capture program for desktop)… then use Unity Remote to control the game through the real hardware, but simulate the game on the desktop and thereby capture the game.

Its not exactly what you ask about, but I believe this could do the trick, if you have build the application/game you are trying to record.

Try ScreenRecorder extension, it does video capture on Mac and iOS.