"Fatal error! CheckDisalowAllowcation" when making a huge 2d array

So I’m doing a project for class and I need to make a huge grid to do some parallel A* on. But I can’t make more than a 4000x4000 grid of custom objects (not gameObjects). It looks like Unity throws this error when it hits 3 gigs of memory. Is there a way to increase it’s size?

I was hoping to get to at least a 5000x5000 grid so i just need a bit more.

Here is the Error and what my PC memory looks like when it dies.

Any help is appreciated,

Not until they release the 64 bit version. 4gb is a hard memory limit on a 32 bit system.

Regarding the screenshot you have 64 bit system with 8gb of ram!
This happened in 3gb because you have 2 dimension array! 2 dimension array need solid state memory!

Use List<yourObject> instead of yourObject[,].