Fatal Error! Out of memory.

Sorry if this question has been asked tons of times but I can’t find a good answer.

I am brand new to unity so I’ll put down my whole procedure in case its not just the final step that causing the problem.

  1. I created a land mesh in blender, textured it, and then lastly exported it as an FBX.
  2. The file size on the FBX when right clicking then properties is 1.3 GB.
  3. I right click in the assets area and browse for a file.
  4. I drag the file from the browser to the asset window.
  5. After a few minutes unity comes up with this error.
  6. My computer has 16GB of ram and looking at resource monitor it looks like I still have half left.

    Can someone please let me know what I am doing wrong or why it is failing?

Thanks in advance!

I think you can’t handle 1.3GB in a single model.
He crashes when try to import.

Try to minimize the triangles in the model or export in another extension.

It does not matter if you have 16 GB of RAM as Unity is a 32 bit application and thus has address space limitations thereof. What you should do is break down your model into submodels that are smaller and easier for the system to digest.