Fatal error! System out of memory! Unity 3D

I was working in a scene with only some 2d spirtes and recently added a Particle System with one sub emitter with a collision effect. After working and testing it for a few min I always get this fatal error. I don’t know why I get this.

My laptop has 16gb of RAM.

Unity version 5.4.1f1 64bits.


Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!
Trying to allocate: 18446743951336546967B with 16 alignment.
MemoryLabel: TempOverflow
Allocation happend at: Line: 177 in
Memory overwiew

[ ALLOC_DEFAULT ] used: 40694528B | peak: 0B | reserved: 74448896B

[ ALLOC_TEMP_JOB ] used: 0B | peak: 0B | reserved: 2097152B

[ ALLOC_GFX ] used: 108085168B | peak: 0B | reserved: 119117128B

[ ALLOC_CACHEOBJECTS ] used: 332752B | peak: 0B | reserved: 10485760B

[ ALLOC_TYPETREE ] used: 493472B | peak: 0B | reserved: 17825792B

[ ALLOC_PROFILER ] used: 29600B | peak: 0B | reserved: 8388608B

[ ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD ] used: 31211B | peak: 0B | reserved: 55017472B**

What you could do, is updating to Unity 5.6. They’ve improved the ParticleSystem for 2D a lot.