FB.AppRequest are not being sent iOS build and editor

hi guys.

facebook latest sdks downloaded from assent store 6.2.2
unity 5.0.2

i have created an app on the Facebook developers console and made it public, it haven’t been reviewed yet.

in code i initialise Facebook and logged in successfully and made feed post and it worked.

once i called FB.AppRequest the friends window opened up and i selected a user and sent him invite.

i received id call back.

the user did not received the invite.

-i tried from the unity editor.

  • i tried from an iOS device.
  • i tried when user is in test users role.
  • i tried when user is not in test user role.
  • i tried with different users recipient.
  • i also tried with console base Facebook example and set max users to 5 in editor.

this is the code i used :

public void MyinviteFriends(){
    	FB.AppRequest (
			message: "try this great game",
			title: "invite friends"

any suggestions?

You need to have your app status changed from Production to live.
Add an App Icon and fill the details for iOS or Android.
If you don’t have data setup on Developer console facebook won’t forward the request to the mobile platform (iOS/Android)