FB posts shared will be on my name instead of other user'.

I used FB sdk (6.0 ; in 2014 publish) to create my app. I can share the posts successfully, but the problem is: when I use other user’ account to login FB and want to share some information, the posts shared will be on my name instead of other user’.

Please help me.Thank you so much!

When you sign in as a different user, be sure to sign out of facebook on all services (Safari, Facebook App, iOS settings) as it isn’t uncommon for the sessions to become confused so whilst the game thinks you are user ‘b’, bringing up dialogs might still be using the old session from user ‘a’ (most people wouldn’t see this as you tend to have just one user per device).

The bottom line on it is that you can not publish a post on someone else’s wall as that person. Facebook just doesn’t allow it, so you’re either still logged in as the other user in some way (see above), or you’ve explicitly told the post to be shared to someones wall by passing in their user ID to the share calls. In this case it’s clearly marked that you are sharing it to their wall so I don’t think this is what’s happening here.

Also, I’d recommend updating to 7.x of the SDK if possible. It’s fixed a few issues and introduced some new features.