FB.Sharelink callback not working in ios 9

I’m developing a game in unity, i integrated facebook sdk for unity ver 7.2.2, and I’m using the share function. In Android It works very good, as well as in ios 7. I have a problem when using ios 9 , first of all the share function open facebook in webView, and asked to login, when the user is already looged in via facebook app, Then I changed in FBUnityInterface.mm all the FBSDKShareDialogMode to NATIVE , and it worked fine and the app opened in the facebook app, back in that approach the callback of the share function is always success, and thats a problem for me … Need help … thanks

I’ve run into this same issue. Adding this line of code resolves the issue of opening in WebView and makes the callback function as expected (cancelling is now recognized) but leads to another issue: if the user doesn’t have the Facebook app installed, they get an unhandled exception which results in a crash.

FB.Mobile.ShareDialogMode = ShareDialogMode.NATIVE;

I am still looking into a better solution and will update if I find it.