FBX 2D animation export?

I am trying to figure out a way of bringing 2D animation into Unity, but I do not have Pro so I can’t use movie textures. We tried baking animations in Maya and exporting them as .fbx but, when brought into Unity, nothing shows up (just a blank grey plane appears as a texture).

Any suggestions/process for exporting .fbx from Maya??

Ok, since it’s just an animation out of photoshop, it sounds like you could use a solution like this Animated Textures script from the wiki. Essentially, you take it straight from PS and import to unity (no Maya needed). If that doesn’t fit the bill exactly, take a quick look around the other sprite scripts on the wiki and come back to report : )

To clarify about the movie textures thing, I think you’re thinking about RenderTexture (which is Pro only). You can still have animated textures just fine in the free version.