FBX animation import problem

Here is my problem: I created my own character model. The model is rigged and animated. I used unwrap3d pro to make separate animations from the original take. These animations are from Mixamo and the rig is a Mixamo rig that they rigged to my mesh.

I named the animations as follows: TheLeopardist@run, TheLeopardist@fly, ect… I have 9 animations in all

The animations show up separted in Fragmotion. They work just fine in unwrap3D and other programs ect…

When Import the model into to unity it shows 9 animations but they all have the same name TheLeoparist_Combo_2 which is also the name of the FBX file it self.

I thought out well I know the second one in the list should be run so I select in in the inspector and it usually turns out to be just the full combined all animations which is the first of the 9.

I also am not able to rename the animations once they are in Unity.

Thanks in advance for help,


Thanks! I will try 3ds max. I don’t know how to export animations split from there but i will study there docs on it tonight.