FBX animation looks totally different when open in unity then when open in maya (RIGGING issue? )

For my little robot character I created eyes controlled by scale. I created multiple set driven key to animate them and give the robot different expressions and it works fine in maya but absolutely not in unity.

I guess there must be something in the rigging that Unity doesn’t like ? Or maybe a special option from the fbx export ?

Anyone already had a similar issue ?

Two solutions.

  1. Create a bone skin the object to bone and scale the bone. Since it is generic rig and only 1-2 bones - shouldnt be to mich overhead.
  2. Create a blend shape to scale the object instead.

Hi @theANMATOR2b ,
Thank you for your answer. I actually already have a bone in each little “LED” whose scale is controlled by the set driven key. It seemed pretty logical, I really don’t get why Unity sees it differently than maya.

Maybe blendshapes are the solutions then …
So I could merge all 64 LEDs from each eye together, and apply various blendshapes with all the different eye shape I need, right ?