FBX Animations in Unity

Ok, so I have searched through a few questions on here and haven’t quite found my answer, so I think I have to ask it now.

I’m making an RPG. It’s in First-Person, and I’m using the FPS Controller/Mouse Look defaults. I modeled a bow, and animated it to draw the string back. I put the bow into unity and childed (childed?) it to my player. The BOW (Not animation) looks fine in the window, but I don’t know how to script something so if I hold down the mouse button it draws the bow (and stays drawn). If I try to set the animation to automatically play, just to view it, the bow disappears and I can’t view it at all. What’s going on? Why is my bow disappearing, and how do I script it to draw with the mouse?

There could be an issue with the translation stored on the meshes before you bound the skin, does the bow animation work before it’s parented to the character? Set the animation type to clamp and you have to rewind the animation to the beginning, there’s tons of stuff about this on the forum.