FBX animations won't play

I can't seem to get any of my exported fbx files from 3d Max to play in Unity. I've checked the include animation box inside max exporter and I see an animation listed under the inspector animation tab for the asset in Unity. I'm viewing the object from a 1st person camera but it isn't animated.

Did you code your controller to use the animations?
You said you imported the model and have it in Unity to be rigged how? Legacy? Mecanim? Animation tab for the model and the animation plays in the preview window? Got all green lights?
Did you watch any tutorials? Are you doing legacy or mecanim?

The animation does play in the preview window, but not in the game window. I have been following along with tutorials that had been using the camera rather than 1st person. I did not realize the 1st person controller needed to be coded to use the animations. Any idea where I could find a good tutorial on this? Thanks.

Here is a really simple test for you.
Create an animation controller. Drag in one animation - idle, run , whatever but ONLY one animation into the animation controller.
1361649--67810--$Animation Controller-1.png
Drag into the hierarchy your character model. Make sure that it only has the Animator component.
for the Controller - drag the animation controller you created that has the one animation in it over to the animator component part for Controller.
1361649--67811--$Animation Controller-2.png
Press play.
If the character doesn't move, then you do not have the character set up right. If they do, then you need to start to learn how to create a code to control the character.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate the time. I just picked Unity up a week ago.
All I have currently is a simple cylinder brought in from 3D max that moves up and down with no controls needed. I see the cylinder in the scene, but when I go into game mode its not there. I gave it a prebuilt avatar and now see the cylinder but still no animation. I'm going to watch some more basic animation tutorials and try to get a better grasp on the whole process.

Sounds like an excellent thing to do.
Ya it is a bit difficult thinking that you can just jump into doing things without a little basic understanding of the system.
I'll help as much as I can though. Just let me know.

Hi there, I am currently working on a small unity project and I am constantly acquainting with a certain problem. As soon as I hit the gameplay mode, the colours(materials) of my object become inactive and the whole model turns green. It works well without animation but as I add the animation, the above problem occurs. Can anyone help me with it?

hey anyone tell me best 2d animation software.