fbx baking not creating lightmapped materials


Currently fighting importing fbx with baking. I am using 3ds max 2008 if that makes a difference.

I have put the bake texture in the self illumination slot, and I have a texture also in the diffuse, as the help seems to indicate it's mandatory. It's not using shell material, just a standard material.

In unity, the material created on import is "diffuse" and feature the diffuse texture, but really the material should be "lightmapped diffuse" right?

What am I doing wrong in the process? I have read the help on "Importing Objects From 3D Studio Max" from the manual. Could it be the fact that I am using a previous version of fbx exporter. Also, in the help screenshots, it shows the lightmap as tga, but here I have jpg, would that be a problem too? I tried with tga with no success neither.

I have put the fbx and the fbm folder with the related textures online , it opens fine back in 3d studio max. Maybe it holds some hints as to what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for your help and tips,


I wouldn't be too worried about it, just change it once it's in Unity :) Just ensure that you have two UV channels (I use 1 and 2), one for diffuse and the second for the lightmap.