Fbx export from Maya to unity

I animate a character in Maya and sent it to unity with Fbx but animation is not working over there .The process i held select a key and bake the animation and then export all option in maya and check animation constraint start and end frame .Theses all the above process i held but animation is not working in unity.please let me know how it works

Hi - there are a few things you need to do in Unity to check and set up your animations:

  • Select your FBX file in the inspector
    in Unity
  • Under Rig tab - Choose the appropriate
    type, Humanoid if a human type or
    Generic for anything else
  • Click Apply and Unity will create
    your Avatar definition
  • Click the Animations tab
  • Now Set up your clips defining the
    keyframe ranges for each using + as
    descripbed in the documentation -
    Unity - Manual: Extracting animation clips
  • Press play in the inspector preview
    to view your clips

If you are still having trouble you can add more details here, or submit your project/fbx in the bug reporter (Help > Submit a bug) and mail support@unity3d.com with your fogbugz ref for someone to take a look