FBX export missing mesh

Hi, we're currently trying to use unity for the first time.

The first problem we encountered was finding the right file format for our models, and we quickly decided to use .FBX, which looks to be the right way to go.

However, upon importing our models, nothing really shows up in unity. Well, i can see the object, in my project, and i can see that it has some children attached to it, and i can drag it inot the game, but upon dragging it to the game, i get an invisible object.

I then downloaded the FBX quicktime plugin, to view the file in quictime, and here i could see only bones, not any mesh at all. The person working in 3D max says he can see nowhere to turn on compiling the mesh and the unity website "tutorial" on FBX doesn't seem to provide much help on the issue, so does any of you guys, by any chance have an idea as to what the problem could be?

Nah, that wasn't the problem, since we also used quicktime viewer, also in most cases you can still see it from the outside, just with inverted shadows... Thanks for the anwser though...

However, we seemed to solve the problem by downloading the 2009 version, it seemed to export the mesh correctly

You can check that your normals are facing in the correct direction, it's possible that they are completely inverted, and you would only be able to see the object when you are standing inside it.