FBX Exporter is missing,Where is FBX Exporter

Fbx exporter is missing form package manager and i want this feature. my project is in unity 2019.3 can anyone please help?

I had this issue too. The FBX Exporter is still considered a “preview” package so you need to enable preview packages in your projects. Go to your package manager (Window>Package Manager), then click on the Advanced drop-down and make sure “show preview packages” has a check-mark next to it. If show preview packages is not checked, just select it to enable them. Your package list should then update and include the FBX Exporter. Hope this helps.

I am facing same issue but I am unable to see FBX package itself. How can i add in Package Manager.

PLEASE AWARD @C_Hayes with the correct answer, as this is merely just an addition comment:

Had this issue in several versions of unity, had to find one that had access to it (2020.3.21 for example). Some versions it doesn’t seem to show up (even with preview packages enabled), not sure why.