FBX exporter Pivot problem - why does my model always has its pivot in the center?

Hi.. I am trying to export fbx file from max with custom pivot settings. I changed the pivot in MAX and the fbx exported only set the pivot always in the middle of the object.. how can I solve this??

It may be that you have the editor set to use the object centre instead of the object pivot in the "transform gizmo toggles" setting of the editor.

Look to the right of the four main control buttons (pan, move, rotate, scale), and you'll see two other buttons:

alt text       Unity's Transform Gizmo Toggles

The first toggles between "Center" or "Pivot", and the second toggles between "Local" or "Global".

In your case, the first button probably says "Center". Change it to "Pivot" and unity will use the object's pivot point rather than its bounds centre.

For more information, you can read about the basics of Unity's Interface here.

Thanks... it solved the problem . :-)

Press "Z" key lolololololololololololo