Fbx file and Prefab updating

Hello Folks! I have a question regarding updating a prefab asset made from an FBXasset. I have LODs in FBX asset but I don’t want to use them and want to remove the overhead of LODs. If I update the FBX from Maya, how can I update the prefab asset made from the FBX? I appreciate your advice and solutions.

For Example, I have this car_ford.fbx file. which has all these mesh and stuff in it. I update the FBXwith Maya and remove the LOD1 and LOD2. I can see that change in unity. Now I would like to update the car_ford.prefab which was made from this FBX file. how to do that?

8342319--1097214--car_ford_fbx.png 8342319--1097217--car_ford_prefab.png

Hello, are you using a regular prefab or a prefab variant? A prefab variant created from the FBX model should automatically update when the FBX is reimported and remove the objects that were removed:


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