FBX import bug (blender to unity)

I just got stuck for three hours on an importing issue and I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. I imported a model and animations from blender to unity and only six animations appeared out of about nine. Also, an object that I parented to a bone in blender was not following the bone in unity. When I just dragged and dropped the blender file into unity, everything worked fine. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I’m working with legacy.

Blenders .FBX exporter sometime have problems, sad part is there is not a whole lot to do about it, the reason for this is that blender is developed by peers mainly, and exporting to FBX is not a easy task, i don’t think there is a fix in sight for a long time, i would recommend going with the blender format if you are a smaller studio only using blender and just ask your programmer to install blender to avoid export errors :slight_smile: