fbx import - .fbm folder with same texture for each model

Hey guys!

I’m importing a couple of models (fbx) to use in my dungeon. These models share materials and textures.

I set the material generation to “By Base Texture Name” and “Local Materials Folder” since they are all in the same folder.

What I would expect is, that Unity imports the texture and material for each unknown material it encounters when importing.

Instead I end up with a .fbm folder for EACH model with all the textures it uses.

This means that i got only one “rock_03” material in the Materials folder, but i got a .fbm folder with the same texture “rock_03” for EACH model that uses said material.

When I open the texture browser i got 25 “rock_03” textures, but I got only one material (named “rock_03”;), that uses only ONE “rock_03” texture.

How do I get rid of the other 24 useless textures? Can anyone give me a hint what I am missing?


I believe you need to uncheck the ‘embed textures’ option from your FBX dialogue at export and then always make sure your textured are pathed from your Unity project (in your 3D modelling application) so it can find them (in a driectory called textues)

There is no automated way to clear these out once they’ve been imported except to export your scene as a package with dependencies and import into a new project.