FBX import from blender rotation slightly off

I am getting an odd error where an animation from blender is shown correctly in the importer, but when I click apply and then click the actual animation, it has been rotated backwards toward the sky by about 5 degrees. Which makes my character look like they are constantly walking up a hill.

I have tried messing with all of the import settings and I cannot get anything to make a difference.

What is odd is my idle animation always works fine, but any animations imported afterward screw up.

I have read the answers concerning rotation problems from blender to unity but that doesn’t seem to be the same thing, as those all seemed to be a full 90 degrees off. where mine is just enough off to look bad.

Try in Blender, pressing ctrl + a, then apply rotation. If still not working in object mode, try this in Edit mode to rotate the mesh in Blender, but not the parent.

I’m only used to 3Ds Max but this sound like a problem with your pivot point, check out the pivot rotations and make sure they are all matched up and possibly move them to fix the rotation in Unity.

I had a similar problem where I had to match the pivot rotation of a helicopters blade with the helicopter because they for some reason was facing different angles, then I had to rotate them both 90 degrees to make them import the right way in Unity.