Fbx import strange behaviour with texture

I’ve imported an fbx (exported from 3d studio max) in many test projects and it has imported the texture itself creating a folder named modelname.fbm.
Now the I’ve done with the test I’ve created a project that should become the final project the texture has not benn imported. The only thing I’ve done before importing was to set up a terrain with height, texture and trees using some Unity packages.
I don’t know why this has happened.
Can anyone help me to understand this?
Thanks guys!

modelname.fbm folder is extracted from fbx file. It’s called “embedded media”, you can include it or not in FBX export settings in 3dsMax.

Thanks for your answer Paulius Liekis.
Yeah, I know and maybe I didn’t explain myself properly.
I’m speaking about the same fbx (exported with the embedded media option checked) that in a project creates the modelname.fbm folder and in other projects not… Hope to have been clearer now.

@Paulius Liekis. yeah it’s the same file. I solved importing the textures created in the previous project.