FBX imported in Unity looks dark and garay

Answer to similar question “FBX Model Imports Dark Into Unity 2” does not help me at all.
Typical example: I have exported from Print 3D library nicely looking models: beer mug, called just “Beer”, and beer bottle “Texas Beer Bottle”.
After importing these FBXes to Unity 2019.4.12f1 Personal both object look dull, dusty and ditty.
Especially beer mug which looks like made of concrete.
After importing these FBXes to Unity, I have extracted textures and materials from the models .
But that did not help much.
I’d be happy to provide all necessary pictures: original models look, dull copies in Unity, all my settings, etc.
Appreciate any help.
Thank you.

Hi there,

Option 1:
You should probably need to change the lightning of your scene, by default there is just one directional light, and that maybe is making your models look dark.

Option 2:
This option can be combined with option 1. You should check the materials of the models. By default Unity set de material’s shader to “Standard”. Changing this shader to “Legacy shaders/Diffuse” or “Unlit/Texture” changes completely the way that the model interacts with light and reflect light. So maybe you want to try some different shaders, to decide which one is the best option for your models.

Hope it helps.