FBX Importer Generate Collisions not working


I've created a House Model using Milkshape and exported it with the "Alias FBX" exporter, but when i Import it with Unity it looks that doesn't recognize the Collisions (my character trespass it). And yes, i've checked the generate collisions Checkbox, but still it doesn't work.

But, when i export the model from Milshape to .3ds, the collision works, but my model looks rotated 90 degrees, also i need it to work with FBX so the .3ds file is not a solution for me.

Do you think it's maybe because the exporter version or something? (i don't know the version but my Milkshape versin is 1.8.2)

Help please

Put on a mesh collider (Through the components > physics).

Should work...