FBX Importer Problems

Not sure what the problem is here, but I used to be able to just save my Max files out, and they would be imported into Unity when I started it up. Now however, they show up in my project view but I cannot add them to my scene anymore.

I am guessing this is because I installed 2012 … and there is a problem with the FBX importer? I still have 2011 on my machine as well … is there a way to point to the 2011 FBX importer? Or am I way off base here?

The Assets show and FBXImporter section in the inspector, but no preview … and I cannot drag them into my scene.alt text

There is a known problem with 3dsMax 2012 - it doesn’t close file handles properly which breaks 3dsMax->Unity workflow. As far as I know Autodesk released a patch for 3dsMax (about a week ago) and it should fix the problem (I haven’t tried it myself yet).