Fbx importing on round scaled surfaces will not render mesh in unity

Well I am using Maya's thirty day trial, and encountered a problem. Any curved surface I scale does not render when imported in unity. Any ideas?

I haven't used maya to import to unity but my 'Instict' says to check a couple of things.

  • convert your nurbs to polygons. (curved surface) modify - convert - nurbs to polygons. play with the values to make a nice tessellation for your model.

  • If you don't have animation It might be a good idea to create a polygon cube at 0,0,0 with 0,0,0 scale etc. and combine it with your scaled object, then delete your cube. This will reset all the values of the surface that you were working to 0.0.0, there is also a mel script for that.

  • reset Transform and delete history.