FBX Importing?

At the moment, i am trying to import a single FBX File with 3 animations attached. ive got the character controller setup and everything running as it should, however i get a ghosting effect on parts of the mesh that shows parts of the mesh through it’s self. see image below because describing that may not be accurate. 91682-fbx-issue.jpg

The character on the Left is a version where i inverted the Normals to attempt to fix the issue that is happening on the right.

As you can see, the arm, hand and left leg are being seen when they should be hidden by the body. this is not the animation being weird and causing the arm and leg to warp or anything like that.
Has anyone else had this issue?

**I am using Mixamo Animations, and they were exported with the “FBX for Unity” Option
~Edited~ I don’t know my left from my right apparently

Fixed it, the only thing i failed to check and test was the material. for some reason the default material imported with the object was set to Transparent. I changed it to Opaque and it solved the issue.