FBX mesh not showing up in game

I am struggling to import an FBX file into Unity from Maya,

I am using a starter kit I bought in the asset store, and I am attempting to edit one of the FBX files in the starter kit and add my own mesh to it and continue using it in Unity. The Mesh shows up correctly in the preview area of Unity but disappears when I start the game.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong with my mesh in Maya before exporting to FBX or whether I’m doing something wrong in Unity, I have looked everywhere for an answer, this is a link to a zip of two FBX files to compare them if anyone could offer that sort of help, it would be greatly appreciated.


PlayerHead000.FBX is the file that does not work correctly, PlayerHead002.FBX is an example of a working file.

Im not sure without seeing your project etc.


Are you making sure that when you drag the fbx file into unity, and then selecting it, you have looked in the editor to see the fbx parameters, make sure under model, the normals are set to calculate, and rig and animations are turned off under their tabs. If not using importing them too of course…

And then. create a new prefab, and drag the model onto the new prefab. never use the imported fbx directly inside of the game, always make a prefab of it first.

note: I tested these and both show in my scene after doing what i said above