fbx Missing Model Parts

hello every one, i animated my character(with 3ds max 2013)and i exported it as fbx and opened it in unity. i try to look at it from diffrent sides but they some do not show.
the solution that i found is here : http://metlab.cse.msu.edu/exporting.html
(basicly by adding Normal modifier and selecting “Flip Normals”)
the problem now is when i try to export it :
The plug-in has detected modifiers listed above Skin (or Physique) in the Modifier list and must disable them.
The following nodes are affected
so i still have missing parts
PS : I tried exporting it ad 3ds witch came pretty good, but it doesn’t support animation ! so i got back to the fbx format
i hope that was clear enough

Hi …

Please set your normals in the 3ds max or maya. Then your problem may be resolved.

Hi again,
i resolved my problem using this tutorial
link text

Voila !! it worked perectly for me, i hope that helped