I'm having serious problems with trying to get all my FBX models to generate their textures, every time I drag an FBX on to the scene e.g the levelmesh from the FPS tutorial unity does not generate the materials/textures! It just looks all bland and I gotta assign each texture to each material manually which is just down right ANNOYING!!... I've tried looking this problem up and know about where the texture and material folders should be and they ARE in the right place but still no luck... I would greatly appreciate it if someone could offer me their help and assist me thought this!

Kind Regards


Make sure you have the textures in a folder named Textures in the same folder as your models. That way Unity should place the correct textures on them. Make sure your fbx files are editable meshes (not boxes or editable polys) if you want to get the UV coordinates correct as well though that might not be important on some models.

Besides the above answer, it's important that, inside your main 3D application (Lightwave, Modo, Cinema4D, etc) your object has a material set to it that uses the UV map. If you don't there's a big chance that your specific FBX exporter will "optimize" the file by not exporting the UV map.

It might sound obvious but I've seen this happen to many times to disregard. Artist thinks "well, I'll just recreate the material in Unity anyways, so why bother assigning it now?" and bang - UV gone, artist gone mad :) Good luck!