FBX problem when models are grouped in Maya

If I group meshes in Maya by using ctrl G and then I export any individual one of those meshes as an FBX. When I import them into unity, it seems to import the group and when I drag the model into the scene, the model is a child of another game object whose pivot is where the pivot of the group would be in Maya… if that makes sense to anyone? Ideally, I don’t want to have to go around ungrouping every mesh in Maya, nor do I want to be un-childing every model in Unity. Any help?

I’m don’t know maya since i work with 3DS max, but according to Maya documentation the Group function creates a new hierarchy with a new pivot point.

“Groups objects together under a new transform node, allowing you to select and transform them all at once.”

So i would say you will have no other choice than to ungroup your meshes one way or another. Also, sometimes, when exporting a 3D mesh, the pivot point is set to the center of your 3D software scene. If this is the case with Maya, you will have to make sure the pivot point of your object is at 0,0,0 before exporting them to Unity, otherwise the pivot will be off.
You can find scripts that allow batch exporting of multiple objects that will freeze transformations and set the position to the center of the world before exporting each of your object separately to an different FBX.

Hope it helps.