FBX strange bheviour after export from maya to unity

Hi friends,

We have designed 20 plus models and exported completely rigged fbx to unity successfully however we are stuck with one model.

The model looks polished and promising in maya but when we export to unity the fbx has some chorme effects.

There are no textures applied and its just a model.

so anyone can help us to understand how this effect comes?

if we now apply any texture then some part has shine effect because of that chrome

Check the standard shader settings for that model:

alt text

Maybe the Metallic or Smoothness sliders are on the right side. If so, move them back to the left.

After spending hours in how to fix this problem on my model, I have an answer. Click on the Geometry that is having the issue. Go to Edit>Delete By Type>Non-Deformer History. Export it back to Unity!