FCM white icon

I have used FCM for unity ( from : GitHub - googlearchive/Firebase-Unity) . Everything is working fine except on device running on Lollipop or above, notification icon is white.

I have added parameter "icon : " as per ( ফায়ারবেস ক্লাউড মেসেজিং HTTP প্রোটোকল  |  Firebase Cloud Messaging ) still not able to show it.

Additionally , I tried to downgrade “target-sdk” but other libraries which I am using are conflicting.

Anyone who can tell me How to replace that white default image?

This worked for me:

So you should be able to add your
icon(s) to
and reference it name

Then, in the notification json, specify your icon. For example:

"notification": {
        "title": "Title",
        "body" : "First Notification",
        "text" : "Text",
        "icon" : "MyIcon"

Note: I used one of these icons.