[Feature request] Forse platform selection (default platform)

Is there any way of selecting default platfrom fro the project?
There are a lot of big projects we manage, and it is a bit pity if Hub will open it using platform we didn't want to use. So it will take a lot of time to reimport assets for the platform we needed.

Maybe it will be better to show some kind of promt with platform selection for projects, that do not have Libraries folder (weren't open under any of the platforms)...

Hi @psvgames,

In the Projects tab, you can select the build platform for the project in question but clicking the ellipsis "..." options menu. This isn't a 'force' selection, and will display every platform component installed with Editor, but will make sure the correct platform is enabled before launching the Editor and loading the project.

Hope this helps and please let us know if you any other feedback.


Actually the problem appears when the project is already listed in history, but it's libraries folder was removed (SVN update, cleanup, etc). In this case Hub will open Unity with default platform - Standalone, while I need Android.